Artificial Grass

Your dream of lush green lawn… Now a reality with artificial grass. Maintenance free which means no need to sprinkle water, fertilizers and no need of trimming grass. This permanent lawn is now in Punjab and the most amazing part is this Artificial grass lasts for years.


Types: Granule based: Silicon granules and rubber granules and Carpet based: Simple artificial grass carpet

Height of piles: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm

Color: Light green, Dark green and mono color (light yellow and light green)


Terrace garden


Play grounds


Land Scaping

Golf Course

Indoor and Outdoor

What are the benefits of artificial turf for home use over the more familiar natural turf?
Many people who are looking for a better way of maintaining their landscape are put off
by the initial artificial lawns cost without giving much thought to the expense of keeping
natural turf to the same standard. This comparison chart of natural grass vs artificial turf
will help put to rest some of those misconceptions.

We already know there are many benefits to artificial turf for lawns and those benefits
are going to be more noticeable in years to come particularly with the new water rate

Residential artificial turf is child friendly. The artificial grass surface has non-abrasive
soft fibers, which are an ideal playing surface. Bugs, ants and other crawling insects tend
to make their home elsewhere as there is no natural food source.

It is pet friendly too. The fake grass for dogs allows for easy clean up and a quick hose
down to get rid of any mess, dogs can’t dig holes in your lawn as they do with natural

Even the look and feel of artificial turf is just like grass and it stays lush and green every
day of the year. They even use artificial turf for putting greens. Forget about trampling
mud into the house when it is wet and it will no longer look like a dust bowl in the dry
season. The UV stabilized turf will look great no matter what time of the year.

Natural turf takes a lot of looking after, from weekly mowing, to watering, to feeding
and fertilizing. All that time tidying the lawn instead of playing with the family, not to
mention the on going costs.