Acoustic Panels

  • Acoustic Panels Pathankot
  • Acoustic Panels Pathankot
  • Acoustic Panels Pathankot
  • Acoustic Panels Pathankot

ECCO BOARD Acoustical Panels are made from Polyester Fiber, which is comprised of long chains of synthetic carbon polymers. The product will not burn in its own right and achieves the highest rating when tested to ASTM E 84. ECCO Board Polyester acoustical panels are a lightweight, cost effective insulation material, which is safe and effective to use. ECCO Board Polyester acoustical panels are pure insulation material that will last a lifetime.

Ecco Board is the product which can be used anywhere, where sound is a real big problem. This product can easily reduce the noise level without any failure. We can create lots Of designs patterns and also play with different colour options with the help of these acoustic boards. These boards can be cut very easily in to any shape as per our choice.

These days as we all know that sound is a big problem every where ,so why not to control it by just adding these colorful boards in our lifestyle.


Schools , Offices , Indoor stadiums , Workshops , Meeting Rooms , TV Station
Broadcasting stations , Home theater Rooms , Bedrooms , Living rooms ,
Auditoriums , Restaurants , Malls , Multi level parking , Gym Area , Airports ,
Railway Stations , Any Basement , Hospitals , Hotels…etc