Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber floor tiles which are made made up of small granule system. It is based on two layers top layer and bottom layer. 

Rubber flooring is today considered to be one of the perfect flooring options for various areas of the house like the kids play rooms, basements, garages, home gyms, work out rooms and other such areas where there are more chances of rough handling of the floors. Rubber flooring may not be a good option for the living room or kitchen, where the looks are equally important. But, there are many advantages of using rubber flooring in any room or area in your home which we are discussing below:

Advantages of using Rubber flooring:

Absorbing of Sound Using Rubber Flooring

One of the basic advantages of rubber flooring is that it absorbs sound, which is not the case with other types of flooring like wooden flooring, linoleum, carpet flooring etc. That is why rubber flooring is used in gym room in the home, where there is constant pick up and dropping of weights on the ground. Aerobics, jumping jacks, Pilate’s workouts, and other things which are used in the gym during morning and evening workouts are all absorbed into the ground.

Low Impact

Another advantage of rubber flooring is that when you fall on the floor, there is little chance of getting hurt. Rubber flooring is considered a low-impact material. Infact there is no possibility of leg fracture or led sprain if you fall down on rubber flooring. That is why this type of flooring is used in a kids room. Similarly, rubber flooring is great for athletes and athletic facilities.

Good for the Environment

Rubber is recyclable. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly building material. Flooring that contains recycled rubber is cheaper and more durable than other types of flooring and considered a better choice as far as environmental impact is concerned.

Rubber Flooring is Safe

One main reason of using rubber flooring in a home, specially is a kid’s room is that it is very safe. With rubber flooring, there is no tension about slipping and falling when carrying heavy, or dangerous objects in your hands. Infact, rubber flooring is also used today in various commercial areas and workplace, specially restaurants, where most jobs require a lot of physical labor and where high traffic is the norm. Rubber floors reduce the frictional force that promote minor accidents and possibility of slips.

Easy to Clean

Rubber flooring is easy to clean. It resists marking and marring, and it is easy to wipe down using a mild soap and water solution.



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