Deck Wood


Exterior Decking


1. Thickness: The thickness of our product is 28 mm (21 mm is the maximum

thickness available with competitors)

2. Technically superior wood surface

3. Recyclable: Our decking is made from pure wood; no harmful chemicals are

used; belongs to Green Building Concept (no such product is available in the

market that can relate itself with GBC)

4. Gives a unique look to gardens and swimming pools. Excels in end uses that

require an attractive and technically superior wood surface

5. Preservatives: Impregnated with environment friendly preservatives that

increases its durability

6. 60 years desired life cycle of decking in terms of termite proofing, Water

proofing and weather resistance

7. Negligible wastage during installation: Our decking comes in

3900/4200/4500 mm length (2000 mm is the maximum length available with


8. Extremely suitable for extreme weather conditions

9. Light weight; extremely suitable for exterior wall facades as it does not put a

lot of weight on the walls.

10.Staining can be done on our Deckwood. 5 years is the expected life of stains

in extreme weather conditions.

11.It can be used on either side depending upon client’s preference.


Exterior walls


Terrace Garden

False Ceiling

Exterior Gates

Balcony Railings