Wall Decals

KrazyWalls make your walls designer master piece. Welcome toa whole new world of wall decor. Today decorating your walls is not just about hanging some paintings on them or simply changing their color. It’s much more…

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Krazy Walls decals are made from very thin layer of vinyl to look just like a printed surface. These are easy to apply and easy to remove and will last for years. It can be made in any size. 


Living Rooms
Kids Room
Bed Rooms
Hospitals Etc

Wall decals have become very popular. They are also now a huge trend in decorating
homes and all types of living spaces. These types of decals can be used to decorate any
part of the home, from kitchens to living rooms. Just like with every other trend, they
come in a wide variety to choose from. They come in a range of colours, shapes, styles,
designs and sizes. Wall decals turn any plain boring wall into a trendy and unique space.

Advantages In Using Wall Decals:

Give Walls A Unique Look

Instead of using the boring and old-fashioned wallpaper, rather choose wall decals. They
will easily give your walls a unique look creating a great atmosphere in any room. With
so much variety available, you can choose whichever wall decals you want. You can
therefore choose ones that suit your personal taste and style. Nature themed decals are
very popular and make you feel like you are sitting in a great outdoor setting. However,
there is a wide variety available, including country style, modern or contemporary styles
to choose from.

Used On All Types Of Surfaces

Most wall decals can be used on many types of surfaces, even surfaces that are uneven or
textured. They can also be used on ceilings, glass, and doors. So you have the choice to
decorate any part of your home and make it unique and stand out.

Safe To Use

Wall decals are very safe to use and non-toxic. This is a great advantage compared
to using wallpaper which contains toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals include
chromium, lead and cadmium. These chemicals can be very damaging to your health. So
using wall decals can be beneficial even to your health. Wall decals therefore make your
living area eco-friendly and lively.

Easy To Apply

Wall decals are very easy to apply and can be applied by anyone. You can instantly and
easily turn your living space into a relaxing and unique atmosphere. There is no hassle
when you use wall decals unlike traditional wallpapers. You can just peel them and stick
them and also even reuse them. All you need to make sure of is that you are applying on
the right surface. It must be clean and dry to ensure easy application.

Easy To Remove

These decals are easy to apply and to remove. They can be easily removed without
ruining the surface of the area you applied on. Just simply start by peeling of the edges of
the decals when removing them. After removing them from your surface there won?t be
any damage to it. This is because wall decals are printed on removable adhesive which
leaves surfaces free from residue or marks.

Take advantage of all these benefits in using wall decals. Change your living space and
create the right atmosphere you want. Using wall decals is simple and affordable and will
instantly give you the look you need.